Increase the traffic on your site

In just a few steps you can become part of Kongsi Resepi, which allows you to increase the traffic to your website, build backlinks and connect with other bloggers.

How Kongsi Resepi Works

1. Your website Register your website with us and generate a customized widget after logging into your account. Integration is very simple and possible without in-depth technical knowledge.

2. Your contents Once you have placed the widget into your website, you can add posts to our website that are viewed on the front page after approval.

You will receive 150-200% more visitors than you send to Kongsi Resepi. That means that if 1000 visitors click on the widget on your website, you will receive between 1500-2000 interested visitors.

If you aren't too worried about the traffic and more about the connection with bloggers then Kongsi Resepi is here to help. Our site carefully intergrates the most popular post into the widgets and with each submission to our page it helps google to index your pages.

Placing the Widget to Your Website

Without any technical knowledge, you can quickly place the widget to your website and receive a very effective marketing tool. Our websites widget is unique because each person who views our website is interested in any category, therefore each hit you receive from us is already targeted.

Optimizing the Click-Through Rate

Through continuous performance analyses of the rotating news displayed in your widget you generate more clicks on your widgets. In turn, the click-through rate increase has a positive effect on traffic to your website (the more clicks you send to Kongsi Resepi through the widget, the more visitors you will receive in return).

No Costs, Obligations or Additional Work

Of course, Kongsi Resepi is free and without any obligation. With just a few simple steps you can generate the widget and placed it into your website. If you are not satisfied with the results, you can end your participation at any time and for any reason.
Remember we are doing this because we all want to connect our blogs to other blogs and this is how we do it. It is a revolutionary type of advertising that is free and extremely sociable.

Example 1 of the widget:

Example 2 of the widget:

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